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UPDATE: Mexico wins 2-1. Sabah scores in the game winner at the 82nd minute. Big ups to the U.S. A late goal for the home team was the difference between these two even clubs. Mexico moves into third place in the Region standings pending tonight’s games. The U.S. remains in second place.

The standings at the end of this post is updated as of 4:58 p.m. Central time on Wednesday.

Conditions at Estadio Azeteca: mid-70s, not too humid. Pretty nice conditions

If you wanted a ticket: Scalpers are selling one ticket for $300

Considering they were hoping for rain or mid to high 90s with high humidity and smog, the Americans could not have asked for better weather.

How important is the game:

– For Mexico, it could decide whether they go to the World Cup in South Africa. A loss means they will need Honduras and El Salvador to lose tonight to remain in 4th place.

– For the United States, a tie would all but lock up a spot. A loss would not damage their chances. No matter what happens, they will not fall from second place. The top three finishers in the CONCACAF go to World Cup 2010.

Other games tonight:

In San Pedro Sula, Honduras, there is another big regional match. Honduras hosts Costa Rica. The Ticos can all but assure themselves a spot in the World Cup with a win. Also Trinidad and Tobago hosts El Salvador. El Salvador needs a win to keep its hopes of qualifying.

CONCACAF Group Standings:

Costa Rica: 4-1-0 12 points

USA 3-2-1 10 points

Mexico 3-3-0 9 points

Honduras 2-2-1 7 points

El Salvador 1-2-2 5 points

Trinidad and Tobago 0-3-2 2 points.

Check the comments of this post for my thoughts about the match. Also, if you are passing through, feel free to post as well.



  1. Watching the ESPN Pre-Game: I am trying to figure out where Bob Ley and Alexis are broadcasting. I’ve been to Mexico City and trying to figure it out.

  2. Also have a live blog here:

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  4. Cool. Shout out to everyone live blogging! Hopefully, you are watching on mun2

  5. “Breaking News: Mexico Fans In Aztec Stadium To Provide @ussoccer Team With Special Yellow Sports Drink #HUEVOS #MEXUSA (via @lacreid).” From: Not sure whether to laugh or be disgusted. lol

  6. Game tracker on does not seem to be working. also has a live bloging as well.

  7. DAVIES SCORES, 9th minute. Assist by Landon Donovan. Very nice. The play-by-play guy on Telemundo went crazy. 1-0 USA

  8. Twitter is going down. Got a “Too Many Tweets” message.

  9. From twitter (lol), I don’t endorse the language in this message, but it is funny: Yes! Como esta bitches RT: @bsroszell GOAL!!!!!!!!! USA 1-0 #ussoccer. From:

  10. Mexico ties it – Israel Castro nails to into the upper corner to even the game at 1-1. Howard had no shot to get that ball. Great shot

  11. Mexico is totally controlling the game and the ball. If that keeps up, it’s going to look like the Gold Cup Final.

  12. According to, this game is the first time the Americans have led in a game in Azeteca. We are making progress.

  13. From the Telemundo telecast: Do you thing Mexico is going to qualify for the World Cup: 56% Yes, 39% No, 6% I Don’t Know

  14. Jay DeMarti gets a yellow card.

  15. Earlier, Oguchi Onyewu received a yellow card for a handball. According to USSoccer’s Twitter page, that means he is out for the El Salvador game.

  16. One interesting thing about the Telemundo broadcast: The time is listed under the USA in the corner of the screen. So it looks like:


  17. (Repost)
    One interesting thing about the Telemundo broadcast: The time is listed under the USA in the corner of the screen. So it looks like:

    1T 37:00

    It takes some getting used to.

  18. Action is starting to slow as the game goes toward the half. Just as I type it, Howard nearly misplays a ball near a goal and Bocanegra gets a yellow card. The Americans’ third of the match

  19. Halftime. 1-1 Tie. Smoke ’em if you got them. First half thoughts: Mexico controlled the bulk of the half. The U.S. had a couple of chances and converted one of them. Good game so far. Great crowd. I am guessing not many Americans among the 105,000 in attendance.

  20. Mexico has only lost ONE World Cup Qualifier in the history of the Estadio Azteca. Per Telemundo’s Twitter feed:

  21. I’ll be honest. I am enjoying the game on the Telemundo feed. The announcers are very good. Although, it helps that I understand spoken Spanish. Written, not so much. lol

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  23. On to the second half

  24. thinks that the heat and the altitude might mean an increase in fouls and possibly a Red Card (lol) in the second half. It would not shock me considering three U.S. defenders already have yellow cards.

  25. Also, the U.S. seems to be playing a lot more defense than offense in this match.

  26. Wow..Great save by Howard to save a great scoring chance for Mexico

  27. A lot of people on Twitter have asked about Jozy Altidore. He did not start today. I would be shocked if he did not enter the game in the next few minutes as a sub. I am sure Bradley will be asked about it if the U.S. loses today.

  28. A little pushing and shoving after the free kcik. Diaz got a Yellow card. Davies is one the ground and getting treated by officials

  29. About 15 minutes left in the match. Altidore just entered the game. Next goal wins it

  30. The Diaz Yellow card was the first for Mexico in the match.

  31. From live blog: Shortly after a Mexico free kick attempt deflected out of bounds, a scuffle between the two sides breaks out. The bad blood is boiling. It appears Castillo tried to help up a fallen Onyewu by grabbing his neck, a gesture his American teammates didn’t appreciate too much.

    Read more: It was really Davies but pretty accurate otherwise

  32. Another shoving match involving Onyewu near the U.S. goal. No harm, no foul. Got broken up quickly.

  33. Mexico scores. 2-1 with less than 10 minutes left

  34. Sabah scores for El Tri. The U.S. could not clear the ball. It ended up on Sabah’s foot and drills it over Howard.

  35. The U.S. has been playing defensive all game. If you give a team like Mexico the ball that long, they are going to convert. Juarez made a run and DeMerit blocked the attempt, but it ended up with Sabah. As of now, it looks like the game winner. 3 1/2 to go.

  36. Corner by Donovan got headed out. It might have been the Americans’ last best chance for a tie.

  37. In Extra Time: It’s about over.

  38. It’s over. Final: 2-1 Mexico. Big ups to the U.S. Mexico got a late score to win a game between two even teams. Mexico moves into third place in the Region standings pending tonight’s games. The U.S. remains in second place.

  39. Thanks to everyone for joining me for the live blog of the telecast. Turns out the Spanish broadcast was just fine for me.

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